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Tip of the week: How can I limit my child's access to certain sites?

Tip of the week: How can I limit my child's access to certain sites?

Thanks to the variety of information available on the Internet, the wealth of "deposits" of music and videos, children are beginning to learn to use this information earlier. But in addition to useful information on the Web, there are also many sites with dubious content, not at all designed for children. How to protect children and teenagers from such resources?

The Parental Control component of Kaspersky Internet Security  allows you to restrict certain Internet resources for each account on your computer.
To prevent changes in the settings, you will be prompted to password protect them the first time the Parental Control component is run.
If you have several accounts on your computer, select the one under which your child works on the computer. In the component settings in the Web site visits section, click the Exceptions button and create a list of prohibited sites. You can restrict access both to the whole resource at once and to its specific pages.

Now when trying to open a site from the list, the child will see a message: "The website is blocked by Kaspersky and your parents.



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